St. Clairsville Municipal Utilities

PO Box 537
100 N. Market Street

Office Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Weekdays
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays


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Rates & Information

No deposit for utility service is required for property owners in the city limits of St. Clairsville. A $200.00 deposit is required for tenants in rental units payable at the utility office prior to service connection. Deposits are applied to the final bill of the tenant with any excess refunded to the customer. If the electric or water is shut off at the service address there is a $10.00 nonrefundable fee for each service payable prior to reconnect. Signatures are required for all customers to authorize service. A 24-hour weekday notice is required for service.

Other services available:

  • Online account availability 24/7
  • E-Billing (Email notification of monthly bill)
  • Direct Payment
  • Budget Billing
  • Priority Medical List
  • Pool Meters - Available April 1st to September
  • Owner Notification for Property Owners
  • Online service request
  • Night Drop Box for after hours payments

Electric Rates

effective 2/94

Type Service Charge First 1,000kw Over 1,000kw Demand over 5k
Residential 1.50 .058/kw .049/kw n/a
Commercial 17.50 .06/kw .045/kw 3.00/kw

Water Rates

effective 1/01/12

Type First 2,000 gals. Next 8,000 gals. Over 10,000 gals. Minimum charge
Water 7.69/1,000 7.33/1,000 6.34/1,000 15.38

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Sewer Rates

effective 5/1/11

Type First 2,000 gals. Next 8,000 gals. Over 10,000 gals. Minimum charge
Sewer 6.48/1,000 6.17/1,000 5.33/1,000 12.96

SNI (Sewer Not Inside the City) Sewer Rates

effective 5/1/11

Type First 2,000 gals. Next 8,000 gals. Over 10,000 gals. Minimum charge
Sewer 8.10/1,000 7.71/1,000 6.66/1,000 16.20


Utility bills are generated and mailed by the 10th of each month. On occasion, the City's utility bills may be delayed due to holidays. Customers of St. Clairsville Municipal Utilities have the opportunity to receive their monthly bill through an email notification. Customers should call the office at (740)695-1410 or log into their utility account through the City's web site. Complete the MODIFY ACCOUNT section by supplying a valid email address and checking the E-Bill box. Each month, you will receive an email stating that your bill is ready to print. Simply log into the web site, view and/or print your bill. NO PAPER BILL WILL BE MAILED. E-bills arrive 2 to 3 days sooner than the standard paper bill through the postal service. In the City's effort to reduce cost, we encourage our customers to take advantage of the E-bill option.

The staff of the utility billing office welcomes walk-in customers as yet another option of bill payment. A penalty of 10% is added to those bills not paid by the 23rd of the month. An extension for the payment date is added to the 11th of the month. Any remaining utility bills not paid after this time are subject to disconnect of services.

Utility bills are due by the 23rd of each month. Utility bills may be paid by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), or through the automatic payment program.

Payments may be received to the utility billing office through the night drop box on the office door or through the mail. Payments may be mailed to:

St. Clairsville Municipal Utilities
PO Box 537
100 N. Market Street

Payments may be made with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit card in person at the office, through the City's web site or over the phone.

Whole-house fans help cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic. They are effective when operated at night and when the outside air is cooler than the inside. Energy Saver: Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home, a brochure available from the US Dept. of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse.

Water Tip:
Commodes are a common source of high water usage and can develop "silent leaks". Water can be leaking through the commode and into the sewer system without the consumer being aware until a high water bill is noticed. Water would not be seen on the floor around the base of the commode. This is why it is called the "silent leak". Dye strips for testing commodes are available at the St. Clairsville Utility office. Be sure to flush the commode and wait until it fills and stops. Drop the dye strip in the tank of the commode. Wait 15 to 20 minutes. If there is dye evident in the seat part of the commode, there is a silent leak in the commode. The consumer may wish to call a plumber if they cannot repair the commode themselves. Or, turn the water valves off and on each time the commode is used. Silent leaks on a commode can and do use several thousand gallons of water each month. If you notice a high bill, check the commode.

New Construction Information

Electric Service Fee - $75.00
Water Tap Fee - $600.00
Sewer Tap Fee - $600.00

A building permit is required.

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